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reno solutions
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reno solutions solutions design

We work with organisations to further articulate their requirements and evaluate possible alternatives for the delivery of their business objectives, target architecture and operating models. We then assist in the final determination and selections to form the Solutions Design.

We first detail alternative Target Design Models and then compare and contrast them with the current state to better understand what activities need to be achieved, the effort, complexity, risks and completeness to arrive at a final Solutions Design.

Through facilitation workshops we ensure all Stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts are brought together to develop the Business Solutions Design and clearly understand the gap between the current and future state.

We work with stakeholder representatives from across all functional groups to:

reno solutions solutions design
  • Identify all Stakeholders and impacted business areas
  • Gather internal data from customers and employees
  • Gather external data about technology and the practices of other companies
  • Perform benchmark against best practices and lessons-learned from other organizations
  • Model & evaluate alternative concepts and solutions
  • Integrate and align Business Solution Design with other programmes and initiatives
  • Document the final Business Solution Design, including assumptions, risks, unknowns dependencies
  • Refine the business case and budget and resource requirements  
  • Gaining buy-in and approval across the organisation

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