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Our People
W ith proven track records at the highest level, motivated, patient, resilient, creative, innovative thinkers, committed to excellence, with strong sense of social responsibility and teamwork. We seek to mirror the clients we serve, the partners we collaborate with and the communities in which we operate. These are the types of people who work at RenoSolutions, together they collaborate to help our clients transform and develop their organisations for brighter futures.

We seek excellence at all time from our staff, specifically seeking out individuals with the highest potential, we provide them with opportunities for rapid growth and development, allowing them to unlock their potential at an early stage.

In emerging and developing markets the importance of having “done it before” is more important.  We actively secure great people with track records from international world class organisations and leverage their capabilities and knowledge to accelerate the development and learning of our less experienced staff and clients.

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Motivation & Commitment
Implementing transformational change presents numerous challenges, we actively engage individuals with the motivation, patience and resilience to continue in the face of difficulty and who are committed to continuously endeavour until the required understanding, knowledge or objective has been successfully achieved. 

Focusing in emerging markets requires deeper insight, it is not always the case that solutions proven in more established markets can be applied, the problems of more established organisations often do not manifest in young ones. Creativity is required to find new ways to solve problems particularly where local constraints or factors apply.

Through our commitment to diversity and inclusion we give clients access to a rich range of talent, perspectives and experiences. We also seek to partner with and secure individuals from the cultural backgrounds and communities we serve and in so doing contribute commercially and socially in the services we provide.

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Collaboration & Teamwork
We firmly believe in the value and effectiveness of teams above the interests of the individual, our people work collaboratively in the interest of successful outcomes for our clients, communities and partners and in so doing build sustainable capabilities for the longer term.

Associate Networks and Partnerships
Very often specialist solutions are required and this expert  knowledge cannot always be held internally, we seek to partner with best in class providers and have developed an extensive associate network which allows us to always offer excellence and affords further leaning opportunities for our clients and our staff

Social Responsibility
We act ethically, with integrity and honestly at all times and are passionate about ensuring socially responsibility and contributions at all times. We employ and work with those who share our commitment.


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