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management consulting

RenoSolutions acting as trusted advisors provide client leadership teams with bandwidth to think plan and mobilise transformational change and development in their organisations.

Change creates challenge, but with it also comes opportunity. We as your consulting partner bring an open approach to each assignment every situation keeping an open mind, bringing you original thinking, not just text-book theory.  First we listen and establish a clear picture, then we act, working together to achieve the best possible result.

We leverage established best practises in a manner relevant to the situation at hand delivering custom solutions which uniquely address our client’s specific requirements.

We engage with our clients at all levels, building mutual trust and understanding, we take a long-term strategic view in serving our clients as we look to build sustainable relationships for the long term.

RenoSolutions provide a comprehensive range of consulting services, starting from supporting business strategy development, designing target operating models, assisting operationally with business process implementations and optimisation, through to providing the change management support required to achieve sustainable outcomes.

We also work with client to ensure the appropriate risk management practises and controls are in place and are being effective employed.


We employ an overarching approach that ensures that every aspect of our client’s organization, people, process and technology are fully aligned to the business strategy.

We are mindful at all times to ensure that our recommendations are aligned with the clients capabilities to deliver, our strategic planning approach centres around incrementally supporting our clients on a sustainable basis over the longer term.

Our people strategy delivers “tried and tested” individuals with strong track records at the forefront of our assignment. We ensure our advice and solutions bring new innovations and not generic, pre-packaged strategies and plans that are irrelevant to the client’s particular need.




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