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innovation strategy

In today’s world, competitive advantage is short-lived. New competitors can emerge unknown and capture significant market share in a short time period. Often ideas are small, incremental with potential to deliver only limited value improvement or they are locked up in complex organizations with no capacity to deliver them.

A key source of sustainable competitive advantage is continuous innovation. For that reason, innovation has become central to organisations strategy and requires excelling in many areas

  • Creativity is critical, we support our clients in achieving and maintaining the right
      balance with the more quantitative disciplines to generate breakthrough ideas
  • Leadership, culture, and organisation are central and especially significant in
      determining how well organisations innovate
  • The innovation portfolio must be actively managed at the firm level to diversify overall
      portfolio risk 
  • In todays interconnected environment innovation has to be considered in the context of
      the overall organisations network ecosystem. We help our clients establish the right
      level of “openness” for their environment
  • We help clients connect with best-practice knowledge and identify key factors driving
  • Working with clients we develop market, competitor, technology intelligence in order to
      provide informed decision making
  • We help clients with Innovation Management  Providing Innovation Audits seeking out
      Hidden Assets & Capabilities,  developing Innovation Effectiveness Metrics

Overall we help our clients develop a systematic, business-oriented approach to innovation, improving their capabilities to create new value in new ways, and ensuring that their innovation strategy is aligned with business strategy.

innovation startegy


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