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Whilst a gross over simplification, Transformation can be defined as the process of moving the organisation from a defined current state, to some more desirable future or target state, as rapidly and effectively as possible. In today’s volatile markets transformation has come to be a key core competence for competitive advantage.
Given the contribution made to successful transformation is so large, it is surprising that the use of Business Architecture is not more widespread.

RenoSolutions considers business architecture as a critical success factor in achieving successful transformation. We work with our clients to develop target business architectures and operating models and support them in securing adoption as an integral part of the organisations overall change and transformation agenda. Typical models will include:

  • Organisation and Operating Models – defines the top-level business functions involved
      in the performance of the organisation activities
  • People Model – defines the capabilities required in support your target organisation
      and identifies any gaps in people skills currently available\
  • Process Model – defines the high level processes which represent each unit within you
  • Outsourcing Model – defines what business functions will be performed internally and
      those to be delivered via service providers
  • Performance Model – defines the key performance metrics by which success can be
      defined and measured by the organisation
  • Application Model – matches software applications, as applicable, to the areas of the
      business they will enable
  • Data Model – defines the organisations data and how referential integrity, accuracy and
      coherence will be maintained
  • Technology Model – outlines what hardware, networks and other technical
      infrastructure will be required to support the business

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