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reno solutions our vision

Reno Solutions is a privately owned advisory, consulting, technology and resourcing solutions company. Formed in London in 2005, with a presence now in the Africa and the (AME).

Our focus is with helping both local and international clients, enter, become established and grow their organisations successfully in the AME region.

Advisory and Management Consulting
Acting as trusted advisor’s we provide client leadership teams with bandwidth to think plan and mobilise transformational change and development in their organisations.

Our Strategic Alliance & Advisory services facilitate bringing local organisations and government agencies together with international investors and organisations seeking market entrance. We help form strategic partnerships and with securing the necessary capital for organizational development and growth.

Our Business Strategy consultants employ a customer focused approach, first seeking to gain a deep understanding of our clients specific requirements. We offer a comprehensive set of approaches to help clients with specific needs around market entrance, growth, competition, innovation and efficiency.  We formulate strategies that take advantage of the opportunities presented in today’s highly uncertain and volatile environment while also developing strategies for the mitigation and management of the associated risks.

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Our Business Architecture & BPM practice helps clients visualise their organisations through architectural disciplines. Creating business friendly frameworks we develop the blueprint of the enterprise which provides a common understanding of the organization. This is then used to align both strategic objectives and tactical demands and to guide implementation planning of the subsequent developments.

With IT Strategy, we see effective alignment with Business Strategy and Business Architecture as critical. Our approach and tools ensure there is alignment and coherence across all business functions.  Given today’s level of change and uncertainty we assist with effective Portfolio Management of the technology assets and with the implementation of Demand Management ensuring the technology investments are aligned to deliver optimal value to the organisation as a whole

Service Implementation
For most organisations the quality of the service development and operations is the key to delivering increased value and sustainable advantage. We provide Programme Management and Enterprise Solutions Design services of the highest order to ensure that all stakeholder involvement and interdependencies are managed and that the business objectives and overall change outcomes are actually realized.

Working with both local and international partners we generate value through bringing local market intelligence and expertise together with international best practice. Through our specialised partners, we are able to develop and deliver custom IT Applications working either onshore or from low cost offshore development centers.  Where required we will also partner and deliver Managed Services, either on an interim basis until our client is able to support the transition or as an outright service offering

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Alternatively we represent our Clients, providing Delivery Management and Assurance services ensuring the best available Vendors and Service providers are selected and execution is of the highest order

Resourcing Solutions
Skilled and experienced managers can often prove very difficult to secure, our resourcing solutions capability provides Interim Management to accelerate change, drive projects and transition business functions. As independent managers working directly for the client we generally provide cover during a period of permanent recruitment.

Specialist Recruitment Services - working with our international and local recruitment partners and given our International Associate Network of Consultants and SME’s we are able to search, source & pre-select individuals on our client’s behalf.

Reno Solutions continually strives to deliver excellence in all we do helping our clients help themselves realise their visions for a brighter future.


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