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  • Strategic Alliance

    reno solutions strategic_alliance
    We bring local organisations together with international investors and corporations seeking to establish in new markets. We help form strategic partnerships and with securing the capital required.   >> read more
  • Due Diligence

    reno solutions due diligence
    We advise on the financial, information technology and operational aspects of the due diligence process. We focus on the value drivers, deal issues, quality of earnings and cash flows and ensure seamless coordination with other advisors.   >> read more
  • Private Placements

    reno solutions private placements
    Through our relationships with institutional and private investors we help clients expand, effect ownership transitions, recapitalize and acquire other companies through placement of Equity and Debt related securities.   >> read more
  • Business Strategy & Planning

    reno solutions business strategy
    Whilst looking at the big picture one can often lose sight of the detail, our approach centres around being focused whilst keeping the bigger picture in sight. We offer a range of tools to help clients with specific needs around growth, competition, innovation, market entrance, increased efficiency and more.   >> read more
  • Business Architecture

    reno solutions
    Business architecture is a critical factor in achieving successful transformation. We work with our clients to develop target business architectures and operating models and support them in securing adoption as an integral part of the organisations overall change and transformation agenda.   >> read more
  • Business Process Management

    reno solutions business process management
    Business processes are strategic assets to be understood, managed, and improved, together with the innovative usage of both human and technology assets, We support organisations develop the means to incorporate “continuous change” as a core capability.
    >> read more
  • IT Strategy

    reno solutions it strategy.jpg
    IT strategy needs to be focused on creating and measuring the economic value contributions made to the business. We seek to help organisations better align and integrate IT as an integral constituent of business, in some cases forming the core proposition of the business itself.   >> read more
  • Enterprise Risk Management

    reno solutions Enterprise Risk Management
    The importance of effective risk management competence is becoming increasingly more important. We focus on assisting clients manage Operational Risk, Financial Risk and the risk associated with information, applications systems, internal processes and controls   >> read more
  • Change Management

    reno solutions change management
    An integrated human transformational strategy, is of critical significance in any planned transformation and needs to be developed from the outset. We help organisations develop and implement change strategies to reposition and align with the broader business change agenda.
    >> read more
  • Service Implementation

    reno solutions service implementation
    Our Programme Management service is tailored to our clients’ needs and is based on a choice of options ranging from light touch guidance and coaching, to taking responsibility for delivery. Our programme management tools enable clients to quickly implement consistent disciplines and practises across their programmes.   >> read more
  • Solutions Design

    reno solutions solutions design
    We work with organisations to further articulate their requirements and evaluate possible alternatives for the delivery of their business objectives, target architecture and operating models. We then assist in the final determination and selections to form the Solutions Design. 
    >> read more
  • Delivery Management & Assurance

    reno solutions delivery management assurance

    Working with and on the clients behalf, we develop test /QA strategies and plans, manage the execution of testing ensuring full defect resolution and status reporting throughout the delivery stage. We provide performance dashboards ensuring all stakeholders are given accurate status through out the delivery phase.   >> read more

  • Custom Applications Development

    reno solutions custom applications development

    Software vendors are also increasingly coming under pressure to provide application which allow their clients to localise or customise and retain their intellectual “know how”.  We provide agile, onshore/offshore collaborative applications development solutions.   >> read more

  • HR Solutions

    reno solutions hr solutions
    We develop detailed and sustainable client relationships and are therefore able to leverage our deep understanding to source individuals on either an interim, permanent or contract basis. We take active responsibility at all times for the performance of the individual(s) regardless of the form of engagement.   >> read more
  • Specialist in Financial Services

    reno solutions apecialist financial services
    Our foundations are formed from an extensive international experience in Financial Services gained over the past 20+ years working with world leading financial institutions. We leverage our international background and the Reno Associates Network to access and bring best practise/subject matter expertise to local markets.
    >> read more
  • ICT Solutions & Services

    reno solutions ict_solutions
    Through our Strategy, Business Architecture and Enterprise Solutions Design practises we seek to innovate, identify and exploit value creation opportunities for our clients and partners. We then seek to realise major transformation through closer coupling and orchestration between IT and Telecommunications.   >> read more

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